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Allen (Invitato)
24/12/2010 03:59 (UTC)[citare]
paxil allocine paxil allocine paxil allocine
cGBkKOyI (Invitato)
30/06/2012 07:42 (UTC)[citare]
I read your post and wsihed I was good enough to write it
EyBqKuUBrXI (Invitato)
04/07/2013 15:03 (UTC)[citare]
Yes! It is true! I gained 110 pondus on Seroquel! I had horrible self-esteem at the time that I was at my highest weight. My low self-esteem was because I despised what had happened to my body. It felt like a tragedy. I was discriminated against, too! I have a history of anorexia nervosa, and when folks saw the weight gain, they thought I was cured ! I wasn't, it was from the med! Then I gained and gained and my dr told me to exercise more underneath, all she was saying basically was that the weight gain was my own fault for being a fat, lazy pig. When I was on 900 mgs a day or that stuff, an unheard-of dose, I gained 50 pondus in six months. She made me feel worse and refused to take me off Seroquel. Like you, I exercised and ate very little and these efforts were fruitless. Finally, I demanded, Take me off of it! She complied at last. I immediately lost seven pondus and continued to lose. I believe it was revenge against the whole Seroquel experience that was among the many factors that caused my anorexia nervosa relapse in 2008. Some meds are just not worth it and cease their antidepressant effect once they do horrible things to your body and cause low self-esteem that feeds back into the depression, so net benefit is actually nil. I truly hope you can find a med that helps and is not so harmful to your body! Or some alternative to meds. Some people with very severe mental illness symptoms do find alternative treatment, and manage to get better. I am trying to be one of these people I guess that labels me non-compliant now. I am anticipating legal trouble along with this and face the very real threat of incarceration in a state institution and am scared to show my face in a doctor's office right now. So I don't know.Thanks for posting this.Julie


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